Ftv Milfs Lynn in Live Is Beautiful

Ftv Milfs Lynn in Live Is Beautiful 62

She’s a beautiful, energetic, and very fit freckle-speckled MILF who is excited to shoot for FTV and has an amazing body! When we’re introduced to Lynn she’s just arrived from the airport at night and is going through her luggage getting ready for her shoot the next day, and we see a little sneak preview of her sexy red dress that makes it easy to flash those firm breasts of hers.

The next morning she’s up and ready to rock in her cute little purple panties and a tight black top, and is quite the morning person…we see her flash her boobs against the window to greet the city, then has a nice hearty breakfast. After fueling up she’s ready to play, stripping nude and lounging on the bed rubbing her privates with her fingers and cupping her breast with her other hand…we see her find a glass toy and use it to penetrate herself, switching from the smaller end to the thicker end as she ‘warms up’.

Next we see her using a magic wand toy, and she uses it to masturbate to a strong natural orgasm while she satisfies her oral fixation by sucking a dildo at the same time. Note how creamy and wet her vagina becomes as she reaches a shuddering climax…the combination of oral and vibration appears to be her favorite! After her orgasm she is ready to get more kinky, working up from two fingers to three and then fisting herself in a doggystyle position as well as gaping and ‘winking’ her vagina.

After riding on a suction cup dildo to another orgasm and having a little oral play it’s time to head outdoors…we see her running a public trail in her clingy shorts and a sports bra, flashing her firm boobs and dropping her shorts down to run around completely nude, enjoying the outdoor sun! After jogging and talking about her past she feels the need to pee, doing so right out in public by the trail. Next we see her back indoors in a short silky robe and high heels, getting in the mood for another masturbation session…she uses the powerful Vibraking vintage toy which brings her to a strong orgasm after which she wants some anal play.

Next we see her exploring anal, fingering her butt and then using a buttplug as well as doing some anal gaping for us. Using a toy to fuck herself anally as well as having the Vibraking on her clit brings her to her strongest orgasm yet…next up is some double penetration using both sides of a double-ended dildo to penetrate herself in both holes at once.

Afterwards we’re treated to a hard breast massage with coconut oil, which she says is her secret to keep them so soft and sexy. To finish off the day she puts on her sexy short red dress and walks around outdoors to show her fit healthy form, then we see a little impromptu video as she gets ready to leave for the airport, followed by an alternate angle of one of her masturbation orgasm scenes. Lynn is a beautiful, happy, fun and sexually charged MILF who loves to take care of her body and loves to share it with us, and had a great time showing off here on FTV!

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