Naughty Allie TWO GIRLS FOR JAKE 1


Shelby and I had just finished getting each other off when we both realized that we desperately needed a hard cock to fully satisfy our needs. Jake was very excited when he was invited to join us for a hot threesome so he handed off the camera to Shelby’s husband and jumped right in! We told him to relax and enjoy the ride while Shelby and I took control. Let’s just say that it wasn’t too difficult to convince Jake to let us have our way with him. By this time Shelby and I couldn’t wait any longer to get a piece of him.

We started by taking turns sucking his cock, Shelby got a hold of it first and nearly swallowed the whole thing before passing it off to me for a taste. Shelby began kissing Jake deeply while I continued to work his cock. It wasn’t long before I started tasting a Jake’s pre-cum on the tip of his cock – mmmmmm! I was getting so fucking wet and I wanted Jake to have a taste of me too so, I jumped up and sat on his face. Shelby went back to work on his cock while I rode his face like there was no tomorrow. I was so excited watching my friend suck Jake’s hard cock while he tongue fucked my pussy.

Shelby looked awesome sucking him off, it was so hot! That vision alone was enough to make me cum and it was just then that I started to feel that familiar tingling sensation deep inside my pussy as I began to cum all over Jake’s face. Shelby looked at me with jealous eyes and I knew what she wanted. We switched places as she mounted his face and I took over on his cock. Jake was really enjoying himself and I knew he would make sure Shelby came too.

I was giving him the blow job of a lifetime while Shelby was riding his face. She started moaning and screaming so loud that it was pretty obvious she was having an orgasm – Jake never lets his ladies down. As soon as I heard Shelby start to moan Jake began shooting his load against the back of my throat. I was a bit selfish and swallowed it all myself. Yummy! I think Shelby was a little disappointed that I didn’t share it with her but she was definitely satisfied with Jake’s orgasm generating tongue. Of course now Jake is constantly asking me to invite Shelby over to play with us some more.

~Kisses, Allie

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