Mylf Aaliyah Love & Scarlett Sage Orifice Leasing Agency

Aaliyah Love was waiting patiently for her young call girl to arrive. She had never done this before and was quite nervous. On the other end of the spectrum, the young call girl Scarlett Sage was even more nervous than Aaliyah was. She sucked it up and knocked on the door. Aaliyah answered and escorted Scarlett to the table.
Things were a little awkward at first, especially since Scarlett did not see a plate for herself. Aaliyah reassured her that she would have the most tasty and sophisticated meal she has ever known. They get to talking and Aaliyah finds out Scarlett is doing this job to raise money for school, and her parents would disown her if they ever found out.

This is when Aaliyah decided to go plop her mature cunt onto Scarletts plate and let her know it was time to feast. She chowed down on that aged pussy like a five star meal. Aaliyah was pleased, so she decided to lease Scarlett out for the entire night so they could really get into some kinky lesbian activities.CLICK HERE FOR INSTANT ACCESS

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