Ftv Milfs Stella & Francesca Portugal Pair

At 26 years old these two are just barely into the realm of MILF territory…we’re introduced to the two of them as they meet up on the streets of Loule in Portugal with a guest photographer, starting out with a refreshing cup at an outdoor cafe, playfull squirting water at each other – we note that Stella has no panties on underneath her short skirt with naughty upskirt peeks – before heading off to adventure.
--> Click Here for More FTV MIlfs! <-- First though they were feeling the need to pee after drinking all that water, and we see them relieving themselves right on the cobblestone street, and then kissing passionately near a street-cleaner at work! Next is a little ‘scenario’ the women cooked up where they’ve had a ‘breakdown’ and are roleplaying as a couple of helpless hitchhikers willing to do ANYTHING for a ride.

Soon they were up against a wall making out, getting naked and even slapping each other around a little, and then Francesca feels the need to pee again while Stella masturbates with her fingertips, bringing herself to her first orgasm of the day!

Next we see the two of them back at a home base, relaxing outdoors on the patio with a beautiful view and we see Stella laying back on the table for a sensual massage from her girlfriend…from rubbing oil all over her skin to inserting two fingers, then four, then fisting for her first time! Next we see them swap positions with flexible Francesca on her stomach, getting her ass oiled up and then getting extreme with anal fisting!

--> Click Here for More FTV MIlfs! <-- To finish the day of shooting we see them getting into some kink with Francesca taking the dominant role and beautiful Stella as her obedient doggy on a leash, being led into a cage and spanked with her tail buttplug wagging! After some teasing and spanking, doggy goes to take a nap…Stella and Francesca have had a big full day of shooting but things are about to heat up even more in Part 2 of their shoot…

Part two of the ladies’ adventures opens with Stella and Francesca in the bedroom, relaxing in their sleepwear and talking about their relationship…and we learn they’ve been dating for exactly one year so they’re in the mood to celebrate their anniversary! Francesca demonstrates her skills as a polyglot, speaking many languages fairly fluently, and we note how effortlessly sensual she is, and how comfortable these two lesbian lovers are with each other. Soon they’re comparing breast sizes and wow, both of them have amazing chests that they each love to squeeze and play with!

They decide to try out some toys and we see them using a double-ended dildo together, each moaning and taking the toy inside for shared scissoring pleasure. Stella wants to learn how to squirt and Francesca begins to lick and finger her tight hole, driving her wild with pleasure! Next we see the duo kissing and exploring each other with tongues and fingertips, with Francesca rubbing Stella until she cums. Afterwards the two get kinky with wax play, with Stella dripping hot candle wax onto her lover’s breasts to make her moan with pleasure! Next we see them in matching workout gear, going for a jog together on a public road and taking the opportunity to strip down nude and kiss, jumping around and jogging with their pants pulled down and breast exposed! Afterwards Francesca feels the call of nature so we see her peeing on the side of the road to relieve herself before the two head to the beach to enjoy a beautiful sunset together, sharing a cigarette and then masturbating together one last time before bidding us goodbye and finish off their fun romantic Portugal adventures for FTV! --> Click Here for More FTV MIlfs! <--

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